Orange You Glad

Colorful Options: October 2022

Outrageous Orange is the color challenge for October with the Colorful Options challenge blog and for some reason the old knock knock joke came to mind when I was thinking of a title for my card. Maybe I have covid brain fog??

For my card today that will be entered into the Colorful Options challenge, I enjoyed making my Distress Oxide background using Spiced Marmalade, Ripe Persimmon and Abandonded Coral inks. My stencil is DL Stencils’ Creative Expressions Wild Oat Grass which I attempted to ink in white pigment ink and then wanted to offset with black but that wasn’t working so I just inked black ink for my wild oat grasses. Maybe my white pigment ink needs to be reinked? I did notice that the stencil seemed to be cut from a heavier material and I should possibly try a different medium. My sentiment and the leaves are Gina K Designs Thankful Leaves Stamp n Foil Mates set.

It’s a yummy looking mood board for inspiration although being a redhead I don’t wear orange but it is a fun color!

Thanks for stopping in for a peek. I appreciate you and your time. Take care and be safe.

P.S. Banana — the punchline for the knock knock joke! LOL!!

15 thoughts on “Orange You Glad

  1. 🧡🧡🧡 this! Love the inky background; perfect representation for Inktober. I didn’t even think of that old knock-knock joke when I posted this month’s color. 😊 Thank you for sharing at the Colorful Options Challenge. Good luck! Cheers, Makira

  2. What vibrant orange! So great that you did not give up till you got something you were happy with. Maybe try brayer with white acrylic paint?

  3. This is a beautiful card, Gayle! Love your orange shading and the grass looks great in black.
    I’m thinking I’m missing something in the knock-knock joke.

    1. LOL, Golda, thanks for commenting. The knock knock joke is” knock knock! Who’s there? Orange and it goes on like that for a few times then Knock Knock! Who’s there? Banana! Banana who”? Aren’t you glad I didn’t say orange. Brings my child hood back. Thiw was probably the first joke I knew. LOL.

  4. Fabulous background and I love the oat grasses even though you say you wanted them white. I like how they turned out.

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