Witchy Legs

Two Old Bats Halloween Challenge

If it’s October it must mean that the October challenge with the Two Old Bats is a very timely anything Halloween….finally! For my card today, I stamped and colored the lovely legs from Colorado Craft Company’s Sitting Witch stamp set. After adding some doily spiderwebs and a splatter of purple ink my card was complete. I won a blog hop last year from Colorado Craft Company and chose this stamp set and have been “dying” to ink it up.

My house is decorated for Halloween thanks to the help from my granddaughter and their day off from school on Monday. Our community has a designated Trick or Treat night the Friday before Halloween instead of trick or treat on Halloween and I’m hoping that we can keep the number of kids under 100. Although last year was a bust and there was a lot of candy that I had to eat!!!

Happy 2nd Anniversary to the Two Old Bats and their always interesting and inspiring mood boards.

Thanks for stopping in for a peek. I appreciate you and your time. Take care and be safe.

15 thoughts on “Witchy Legs

  1. Gayle, this is a great card! Love the fun legs image. Now, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to hope you don’t get many trick or treaters so you can enjoy the candy or hope that you get tons and don’t have any candy left. Either way, have fun with it!

    1. Thanks for commenting Golda. It’s a fine line to buy for trick or treat night in my neighborhood. If I was smart I would only buy things I won’t eat.

  2. What a great and fun Halloween card. Those witchy legs are just perfect. Whats not to like about this card? Love it all.

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