August Birthdays

For the buddies who remember, August is birthday month in my world. This means I generally try to create cards specific for the person receiving it and that it looks different than last years cards. Here are the ones for this year.

Birdy card front
Bird card inside

This particular daughter is not really a bird lover, but these birds are colorful and fun. I hope she likes the color and enjoys the quirkiness of the birds.

Sparkly Unicorn

This daughter loved her card. She is all into sparkly, pink, and unicorns. I saw the idea on Pinterest then found there was video. It took a while to make as there are clouds, blended with Bonnie cloud die, and lot of sparkle on those clouds that had to dry. It was fun to create.

Thanks for sharing the birthday congratulations and allowing me to share my cards.

11 thoughts on “August Birthdays

  1. What’s not to like with both of these cards. They are lovely and I”m sure your daughters appreciate the effort you put into them. Happy B’day to them both.

    1. Thanks! The unicorn card was a hit for sure. It is totally her personality. The birds may or may not be a hit, but it is what I went with. She is a cat lover but the set I ordered will not arrive before her birthday, so I went with what I had. She will not complain.

  2. Cute, cute cards. I’m sure your daughter will love those cute, bright, fun birds. You can’t get more girlie than a pink unicorn. So sweet.

    1. Thank you, Gerry. The other daughter took care of the cats for her sister, so I guess I am able to add the birds. I did enjoy creating the sparkly unicorn. I was thankful to find the card on Pinterest and then the video.

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