WeCraftCards.com had a pen and ink challenge this week, which had to do with Zentangling.  I made this and thought it would be perfect for the current ModSquad challenge of birds.

4-15-20 ModSqad Bird

I’m not all that fond of Zentangle, but I kind of like the way this turned out, as it reminds me of wood.

Thanks for spending some of your valuable time checking this out.

14 thoughts on “Hoot-a-nanny

  1. I’m not fond of zentangling either but this has a certain something for sure. Well done and it is perfect for the mod squad challenge.

  2. Love it! I have quite a collection of owls, so this really caught my eye. This is a great design. I’ve never created my own zentangle image. The wood grain background is lovely too.

    1. That background is my Zentangling. I’m glad you like the owl. I did trace a stencil for that. I’m definitely not that creative.

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