Auntie Awesome

Hello and welcome.

Today’s card is for my niece. The saying, “9 out of 10 children get their awesomeness from their aunt” was found on Pinterest. Adding 9 children seemed like a good idea so I Googled ‘Children Playing’ clip art. There was a little editing to do but it was kind of fun. Soft sky background was made using a cotton ball and Bashful Blue stamp pad. Since I don’t have a cloud stencil, I just tore the edge of a piece of paper. For just a little texture I doubled scored all 4 edges. I usually put a sticker on the back of my cards with my name but for this one I’m putting Awesome Auntie.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day and stay healthy & safe.


8 thoughts on “Auntie Awesome

  1. Cute card. Great job on the clouds and the kids. I’d say that’s one lucky girl to be awesome like her aunt.

  2. Yeah but there is always that one lol Super cute, super fun! Love the 9 kids playing. Our neighbors growing up had 9 kids, can you imagine? Always someone to play with lol

  3. What a great card! Your scored edges are perfect for texture on this and I love that you are putting Awesome Auntie as your signature on the back. Your family must be a wonderful one to be part of.

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