Leafy and Speedy

Speed challenges are, well challenging for me, but I thought I’d give the As You See It Speed Challenge a try. I had a nice leafy background already prepared, but couldn’t find it. Then I found a leafy, stenciled background. I thought that would work, but then I thought since it was already made figured it would be disqualified. OK gather supplies. I keep card bases cut and scored – OK good I have one in Jelly Bean Green. Get out the Leafy Branch Cuttlebug embossing folder, find the Happy Birthday die – yoo hoo HB – where are you? Oh here’s the Mystic Fern die that would work under the sentiment, and finally found the HB die. I had just straightened my table and tossed a bunch of scraps in box to be filed – oh good there’s a piece of Fresh Asparagus for the fern and where on earth did this nice glittery gold scrap come from? On your mark, get set – GO! The Platinum 6 did not seem to like the EF – I had the right sandwich but geez. If I hadn’t been on such a time crunch I’d have gotten out the Cuttlebug. I was able to cut the fern and the sentiment at the same time, though I did have to put the sentiment through a second time. Glued the fern to the CB. One of the curlicues on the sentiment had to be glued to it’s backing – it was then I realized the glittery gold scrap was the Target wrapping paper that had glued to a piece of white CS. Got that fixed and the sentiment glued down – whew! Just a little over 9 minutes.

challenge 253 1

17 thoughts on “Leafy and Speedy

  1. Lovely card! Amazing how things disappear when we need them. I have a Fun Stampers Journey model of the Platinum 6 and have not successfully embossed with it. It is so different from the Big Shot or Cuttlebug. Glad you were able to make everything work.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I have the FSJ model too – I got it last year when it was at a super low price and it works great for most things, but I guess I haven’t used it much for embossing folders.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. I did have trouble finding the categories section – that always seems to be a problem for me, then I had trouble posting to the AYSI blog – almost gave up, but finally got ‘er done.

    1. Thanks Gerry. I like to take my time when I’m creating a card, but I thought I’d try a speed challenge again.

    1. Thanks Lisa. There definitely was some stress all around, but I was trying to get everything done before I had to leave for work.

  2. LOL…Judy your rock! Love the card and loved your write up. You had me holding my breath for your success which your card definitely is a success. The embossed background with the die cut ferns and greeting is perfect for your card.

  3. Chuckled at the stress in the write up. Been there and understand. Card looks great though and one would never know you struggled with the timing. That embossed background is perfect with the die cut. Way to go!

  4. Great job under pressure, Judy! Like you, things tend to go wrong for me when a time limit is involved for some strange reason! But you met the hurdles and overcame them with fabulous results! Thanks for getting your adrenaline pumping with us at As You See It Challenges!

  5. Using the embossing folder adds a whole extra dimension of both interest and ‘leafiness’. Great design choice. Thanks for playing along with us at As You See It Challenge. You really do have to take a deep breath and be brave to join the speed challenge, so good on you!

  6. LOL, what we go through to make a card, right? In the end, I’d say you did pretty well! Beautiful elements on your CAS card! Thanks for playing with our Speed Stamping challenge this week!

  7. Judy your card is a triumph against the clock! I love the combination of elements with embossing, diecut and that beautiful gold sentiment is the perfect finishing touch. Thanks for sharing with us over at As You See It this week!

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