Slimline Anniversary Card

I needed more space for the following card, so I went with a slimline card. I have made a card with these dimensions before, but the word slimline was never part of the description, just to fit into a business size envelope.

Tortoise outside
Tortoise inside

I used the newest club set from The Stamps of Life, called tortie2stamp. Tortoise eat dandelions, so I stamped several to fill in the background. This was a joy to create. I am always looking for a new idea each year and this was a winner.

11 thoughts on “Slimline Anniversary Card

  1. Cute anniversary card. I like how you made the heart thought balloons with the number of years. That reminds me I need to start working on an anniversary card – mine is just around the corner.

  2. Sweet card. Seems like the trend now are these slimline cards with all kinds of dies. Your turtles and heart balloons are adorable. Happy Anniversary.

    1. Thank you! I am seeing the dies everywhere. Lawn Fawn just came out with new ones this past week. More money than I want to spend as they are quite easy to cut without a die. I may change my mind and give them a try sometime.

  3. I can see why you enjoyed creating this adorable card. It is a beauty, well designed and like the others I like how you incorporated the years into the hearts. Happy Anniversary Lisa.

  4. This is definitely a winner, Lisa! You did a great job and it is adorable. Glad you could use the space better with the different dimensions.

    1. Thank you! It worked better for the size of the tortoise, as they are a bit large to fit on the regular size A2.

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