Butterfly Window

I have been creating cards for challenges on Split Coast Stampers lately. Here is a card for the MISTI challenge and a Thursday challenge.

Butterfly Window

This month’s MISTI challenge is to make a summery window card. Then there was a Thursday challenge to make a one-layer card, so both challenges work perfectly together.

The windows were cut with SU dies that match the Butterfly Basics stamp set and the Watercolor Wings set, all retired product. I began with the windows then placed the matching butterfly in front of the window opening in my MISTI. I opened the card front and leaving it flat. I stamped the butterflies in bright colors. Then closed the MISTI, laid the body on the butterflies, then opened the card again to stamp it. I wanted the body there, but not on the colorful images. I added a flower from the Layered Daisies set from Gina K Designs along with the sentiment. I popped the small butterfly on the flower and walked away.

I came back the next day or so, kept looking at the white background and didn’t like it. Then I remembered a cloud stencil, from Bonnie, that worked perfectly. I added blue clouds to the sky, then needed green for grass. I didn’t have a grass stencil and didn’t want to keep thinking of ways to get grass and leave the card flat. I have a punch and a die, but both will give elevation to the grass and I was thinking I didn’t want dimension on the grass, so I used the cloud die. I thought it gave the illusion of grass.

I like the card. It took a while to finish, but I think whoever I send it to will enjoy it. Thanks for reading my process.

10 thoughts on “Butterfly Window

  1. Just beautiful Lisa. Great choice of how you placed and stamped the butterflies and then added the bodies. I was wondering how you did that and it made sense when I read your description. using the cloud stencil to add grass was a good idea too.

    1. Thank you! I was thinking I really messed up with using the cloud stencil for grass, but when it was done, I decided to let it go. I am glad I walked away without trying to add something.

  2. Love your butterflies and the cut outs for them. What an awesome idea to use the Bonnie cloud stencil to create your grass. I love that!

  3. Lisa, this is a wonderful card! I really like how the butterfly bodies are on the front of the card and not on the colorful part. Your “grass” works. You could also use your grass die/punch, but use the negative part to sponge in “grass”, too. Another way would be to use the edge of an ink pad. Sorry, when someone says they were trying to figure out how to, ideas start popping and I tend to share.

    1. I appreciate the ideas for the grass. I did think of cutting pieces from the die or punch, but was tired and wanted to finish what I started. I have been slow at finishing things these days. I think I keep getting interrupted with everyone always home. Anyway, I had not thought of the edge of the ink pad. I now I have grass stamps somewhere, but didn’t really want to look. Thanks so much! Keep the ideas flowing anytime.

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