St. Patrick’s Day 2020

St. Patrick’s Day cards for the grandchildren. Brooke is my rainbow and our song was “somewhere over the rainbow” for bed time sleepovers. Mickey is for Chase who even at 9 years old has a heart of gold. Our song is “you are my sunshine” so I’m thinking the gold will reflect the sunshine. I did find both of these images via on-line free coloring pages, resized and colored them in. I did have one more for a little friend who is celebrating his 1st St. Patrick’s Day but in my haste to put it in the mail forgot to take a photo.

We are practicing social distancing at our home and Pennsylvania has strongly urged all non-essential businesses to close but unfortunately not every will comply with that directive. A very hard time for our country and the world. Together we will weather this storm and rainbows will be on the horizon. Stay safe everyone and we keep washing our hands.

9 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day 2020

  1. Super cute! Yes, the social distancing. One day it will be a memory and those grandchildren will be talking about this for the rest of their lives.

  2. Wonderful 2 cards Gayle. We are all in the same boat globally and it is certainly challenging. All we can do is our best on the hygiene front and take it one day at a time. Our government is trying to change some legislation to allow for unemployment benefits for all who are affected regarding jobs. Hope they manage it as some are struggling already.

    1. Thanks, Johanna, it’s going to be a rough go of things no matter where you live. One day at a time and thankful to have a hobby and support from friends.

  3. Cute cards. I’m sure the kids loved them. How great that we have a fun hobby while we are social distancing.

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