Minnie Mouse Cheat

Some of my birthday cards had a few things on them that I took off before discarding them. I’d like to keep them all, but it is impossible so I’ve learned to get a bit ruthless. Minnie Mouse was popped up on a lovely card with a great sentiment from a close friend and I couldn’t throw her away. So here she is – newly minted on a background I created.

My cheat

I made a background recently for a card I forgot to photograph before giving away but it used a Sunshine die. These bits were what was left over and I placed them on some sticky wrap so I could use them elsewhere. I added some glue to the back – turned the sticky wrap over and placed it on the card base. Waited for the glue to dry and then carefully peeled off the wrap. It worked quite well doing it this way and was far less work than doing it piece by piece. I popped up the Minnie Mouse circle – added a bit of bling and decided it was done. Will add a sentiment but not sure yet which one I’ll use. As this isn’t totally my own work, I’m not claiming it on my main blog but thought you would all like to see it.

11 thoughts on “Minnie Mouse Cheat

    1. She is a classy mouse here I agree. Am I posting properly? I can’t find them under my own name. If they need to be moved let me know.

  1. Definitely glad you shared it. It is your own work,even if you used a piece from elsewhere. You re-imagined her and gave her new life.

  2. You are so sweet Gerry – I always feel a bit guilty at claiming a card that I haven’t made entirely by myself. I do like Minnie though.

  3. Adorable image and card. I’ve begun deconstructing store bought cards, too. You just never know when you can need a certain piece or too.

  4. I agree – I’ve been removing bling of store bought cards for ages and occasionally cutting one up to make a tag. Makes me feel better if I can use something off a card that eventually ends up in recycling. Glad you like the end result.

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