Gifts from a stamp buddy

Here is what I did with a lovely gift of some balloons and clouds that Gayle sent to me recently. She did most of the stenciling and colouring but I did add a little of my own as well.

Hot Air adventure

The one on the left I didn’t do anything except add the card base and the sentiment as it is was perfect as is. But I do like the softness of the stenciling Gayle did. The one on the right I did a bit more too. In fact I could have used these both together but decided to make them as two cards rather than one. I marked about where each balloon would be on white card stock and then inked the various colours checking to see if they fit properly behind each balloon. Thank goodness for those tiny brushes as you can do much finer detail using them. I messed up slightly and got red ink along the edge where I wanted a white border. Cheated a bit as I couldn’t erase it so I used good old white out. Not a perfect solution but it worked. Unfortunately the edge got slightly damaged and wouldn’t you know that the camera picks it up whereas in real life you don’t really notice it. So Gayle – thank you for the gift and I hope you like the results.

12 thoughts on “Gifts from a stamp buddy

    1. Thanks Jan. I ‘m not sure if I’m posting them correctly as I can’t find them under my own name, but I’m glad they can be seen by our buddies.

  1. Glad you were able to use Gayle’s beautiful pieces and make 2 great cards with them. I’m glad I’m not the only one that grabs the white out every so often. That’s not cheating, it’s creating with what you have.

    1. you gave me a smile when you said you use whiteout occasionally. I was desperate and it was the only thing I could think of when the erazer didn’t work.

  2. It is amazing when someone sends me a gift of their own creativity that allows me to use mine. I was thinking of purchasing this stamp set, but decided not to and then the gift arrived. So timely. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Ooh…I’m so glad you were able enjoy these die cuts, Johanna, and I love your creations. The vivid colors are gorgeous. You definitely brought a smile my lips this morning…..and their is no “cheating” in cardmaking!!

  4. So pleased you like the results and thanks so much for sending me the stencilled and inked balloons. Love how you did the stenciled one on the left.

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