Flag! You’re It!

This is for Cat’s Flag You’re It challenge. The flag I chose is the Missouri State Flag, which is red, white and blue. Instead of a card I repurposed a 2017 calendar magnet from my insurance agent. This will cover up an ugly spot on my file cabinet. I die cut the state with a Cheery Lynn Die three times – in Cherry Red, Denim Blue and Heavy Base White to depict the flag. The seal in the center was cut from a picture of the state flag. The seal is actually supposed to extend into the red and blue fields, but the flag in the picture I cut was just a bit too small, and it does show up better just on the field of white. The state bird is the bluebird and is from Birds & Blossoms 2, colored with B21, B26, B28, YR14, Y17. The state tree is the dogwood, from Dogwood and Butterfly, colored with N0, N1. “Proud to be from”, stamped in Cherry Red is from Make a Statement. “Missouri”, stamped in Denim Blue is from Stately Flowers 2. I wanted to include our state flower, the Hawthorne, but the clustered Hawthorne from the set was too large and I was bummed to discover that the small, single Hawthorne is MIA.

8 thoughts on “Flag! You’re It!

  1. What a great way to do the challenge! Your card is really nice. It’s always annoying when stamps disappear. Hopefully you are able to find it.

  2. Super job! What a neat idea to place a cover for an ugly spot. They don’t call us the Show Me State for nothing!

  3. Love that you repurposed a magnet and also gave it a purpose on your desk. Those pesky stamps can get stuck to anything. Hopefully you will find your MIA stamp. The magnet looks wonderful.

  4. You are one clever lady. Two birds with one stone….repurpose a magnate, cover a bad spot. The missing stamp will most likely show up some day.

  5. Hopefully the missing stamp will turn up on something where you least expect it. I have found several stuck to items on my desk and the small ones go MIA so easily. Love your creation. Great way to repurpose something and then use it to fix something else. Clever is what you are.

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