french fry batman

Hello and welcome. No card today just this french fry treat holder. Our next-door neighbor “share” their 3-year-old grandson with us and for some reason the little guy expects a treat from me each time he comes over. Hmmm, wonder how that got started. Since Riley has Batman jammies and T-shirts, I used computer clip art to make Batman stickers. It’s so much fun making little treat holders. I found the template for the french fry box on Pinterest.

Thanks for stopping by your visits mean a lot to me. have a great day and stay healthy & safe.

9 thoughts on “french fry batman

  1. LOL…I was so very intrigued by your title and the treat box is super cute for your little super hero buddy.

  2. Being an honorary grandmom must be fun. Great holder and he will keep you on your toes and young too.

  3. Thanks Lisa. Actually he’s our honorary great-grandson. Our own great- grandkids are 17, 13, 5, 4 & 2. How did I get this old so fast???

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