I remember the 80’s. I graduated HS in the 80’s, graduated from two colleges in the 80’s, and started my first job away from home in the 80’s. The Retro Rubber Challenge is all about the 80’s. I remember a lot of music from those years. Music was on the radio and at home, usually on a cassette player. I will also include Can You Handle the Pressure as I embossed the background with stars.

I went with the cassette theme using the Beboppin set from Paper Smooches, 2013. It has the 80’s vibe with the colors and the cassette tapes. The challenge says to use 3 of these colors: Mauve, Pink, Blue, Grey, or Tan. I used all of the colors. The palette in the early 80’s had more pastel shades of these color and in the late 80’s it turned to neon colors. My colors are bright but not neon.

I enjoyed my trip down memory lane. I do not remember the using the word gnarly, though. Thanks for spending time with me.

28 thoughts on “Cassettes

  1. This a great theme card, Lisa. Love the cassette tapes and that you included the color challenge in them. So cool to take a trip down the 80’s memory lane.

    1. Thanks! We have many cassettes. We finally upgraded our vehicle and the new one does not have a cassette player. We listened a lot while driving. Now it is CD, radio, or even satellite radio.

    1. Back in the day, I was a big Hall and Oates fan. My first car was purchased in 1990, so it had a cassette player. The first cassette played in that car was Wilson Phillips. Fun thinking back and looking up colors to figure out which ones to use. Thanks!

  2. Love this card! I’m an 80’s grad too so it really does bring back memories of those cassette tape days!
    Thanks for joining us at Can You Handle the Pressure.

    1. Thanks! I love these challenges and this one was fun. Thinking of other ways to use the colors. Hopefully I will have time to continue creating.

  3. Awesome trip down Memory Lane, I love the retro vibe on this card, the colors and design and those cassettes are just darling.
    I still have a bunch of them and I still play them all the time.
    Thank you for sharing with us over at RETRO RUBBER.
    Stay healthy and safe.

  4. So cute, Lisa – those cassettes are the perfect tribute to the 80’s, lol. Such a fun design – I still have those stars as well! Thanks so much for playing at Retro Rubber!

  5. A trip down memory lane in this card. I remember the 80’s too and cassettes were a huge part of our music library then. Love it Lisa. Its a clever take on the challenge.

  6. What a fabulous fun card!! I’m a 70s girl myself, now THAT ages me lol!! Thank you for joining our fun at Can You Handle The Pressure!
    Diane CYHTP Co-Owner

  7. I was totally going to use this set for my card! I love cassette tapes, hubby and I digitised all of ours and we found some gems.. Love that embossed kraft background, really makes your tapes pop.Thanks for joining us at Retro Rubber this time. Claire DT

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