Making Cards for our Troops 2022

My forever friends and I try to get together at least two times a year to make cards to be given to troops for their use. I prep all of the cards pack and they then we have our “class” This past Thursday the seven of us worked on these cards completing these cards and are mailing 201 cards to the Making Cards for our Troops group in Maryland. Lots of laughter, lunch, strawberry rose wine ice cream floats and our project was completed. These were the ones we worked on together. I had an additional 30 cards in my stash from joining in on challenges and some on line classes.

Thanks for stopping for a peek. I appreciate you and your time. Take care, be safe and stay COOL. We are heading into another heat wave in Pennsylvania. We have promises of rain every day but it seems to miss our area.

12 thoughts on “Making Cards for our Troops 2022

  1. Congratulations on providing all of the card packets for your friends. I know they appreciate the work you put together. Lovely cards!

  2. WOW! That’s awesome. What a fun day making cards for such a good cause. I know the troops will appreciate your efforts.

  3. Amazing! What an awesome activity with your friends – for a great cause and a great time.The prep work prior to your “class” must be a ton, but the collection of cards looks great!

    1. Thanks, Lisa, I prepped 31 packets of different cards with 4 each to be made. It’s a really great project to do.

  4. Wish I could participate as it sounds like a lot of fun. A lot of work but certainly worth the effort. Great stash here.

    1. Thanks, Johanna, our friend’s daughter is leaving on a year long deployment so that gave us extra incentive to get these cards made.

  5. What a wonderful thing to do. I’m sure you think all that prep work is well worth it. How fun that get together with your “forever” friends must have been.

    1. Thanks, Golda, our one friend has a daughter that is being deployed for a year. It would be fun if she took one of our cards to send home.

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