Happy Retirement

Today’s card is for the man my hubby hired to take his place when he retired. Here we are 22 years later, and his replacement is retiring. I got the idea for this on Pinterest. Since the business is manufacturing trailer hitches, I decided to add a couple clip art trailer hitches on the business card. It’s kind of plain and simple, but hubby thought it was perfect.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day and stay heathy & safe.


7 thoughts on “Happy Retirement

  1. Such a cute idea? Wonderful that you are still in contact with his replacement and now the replacement is retiring. Who will be taking the place next?

  2. That is priceless. How fun to be able to make a retirement card for your hubby’s replacement when he retired.

  3. I. Love. This. I can’t wait to print my own, maybe in a year and a half! 😉 lol This is perfect for him, how wonderful!

  4. Gerry, how fun that your husband’s replacement is now retiring. Your card is just perfect. The “business card” is hilarious with all those sayings.

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