Day 5 Wreath

I spent today making wreaths, without the wreath builder.

Wreath Birthday

The above wreath is pretty, but didn’t really look like the presenter’s wreath. Laura Bassen is the teacher and she stamped all of her images with no coloring. The flower set is an Avery Elle set which worked well for making a wreath. I decided to finish the wreath and color the images. The greeting is from a Gina K Design set but it does not have a name. I do like the wreath and this is one I would create again.

Wreath Butterfly

The above wreath is more like the lesson taught. Again, the wreath builder was not used. I use butterflies from a My Favorite Things set. The greenery is from a Simon Says Stamp with Gina K illustrated. The greeting is from the same set. The filler dots are from a Gina K Designs set illustrated by Lisa Hetrick. I had so many sets pulled out looking for an image to include in the wreath, that I was getting a bit overwhelmed. I like the final wreath.

12 thoughts on “Day 5 Wreath

  1. They are both very pretty and it’s fun to know you can create a lovely wreath without the wreath builder.

  2. Judy’s right, these are both very pretty. I don’t think my attempts to make a wreathe card without the wreathe builder would turn out this perfect.

    1. It takes more work than the wreath builder. I will be sticking with my wreath builder. Interesting…I just watched part of an online with Jennifer and Kristina from class and Kristina was making a wreath with the builder, not drawing the lines that were taught in class. Hers was pretty, but I wish she would have stuck with the class technique.

      1. I watched the class live too, Lisa, and it was surprising that Kristina used Gina K’s wreath builder however she should have watched one of Gina’s videos on how to do so.

  3. I love your wreaths. Now you really know how to make wreaths….wreath builder or not Great job.

  4. They are both gorgeous and doing them without the wreath builder is awesome. I’ve done what you’ve done and drawn a circle then stamped, but it is so much easier using the builder.

  5. Lisa, these are both beautiful! It’s fun to see what different wreaths everyone creates. Those different butterflies are a great idea.

    1. Thank you! It was one day of class I could create something. Many either did not appeal to me or I do not own the supplies and couldn’t make what I own work. Today is Day 7 and I can create for both presenters. It is just taking me a while as I have other things needing attention.

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