Sheep shaped card

I made a card for a two year old girl who has been diagnosed with Leukemia. Someone posted on Splitcoast Stampers with a request for Christmas cards. Since I just saw this note yesterday, I contacted the original poster and asked if an encouragement card would work and she was excited, so I created something special for a young child.

Sheep Fold-it Front
Sheep Fold-it Inside

I wish I had texture laying around my house, like wool felt, old socks, old wash cloths, or anything to provide texture for the sheep would be fun, but I gave up and went with paper. I looked at the die set and added color like in the photo for the front, then chose a greeting from other stamp sets for the inside. I know the child can’t read, but thought this would provide a fun card for the parents. I think the child will hold the card, open and close it and that is about all. It was mailed today. I hope it bring a smile to the little girl’s face and the parents as well.

15 thoughts on “Sheep shaped card

    1. Thanks Judy! That was my goal. I have had this die for several month’s and hadn’t used it prior to this card. I was so glad to have something cute that was somewhat easy to produce.

  1. What little girl wouldn’t be thrilled to see and hold this card??? It is adorable. Maybe some Fun Flock to add texture?

    1. Thanks! I love being able to send to people like this who need a little encouragement or a piece of happy mail.

  2. It will definitely be fun for the child! She’ll be able to recognize what it is and playing with it will be fun for her. I’m betting the parents will love it, as well. This is such a sweet thing for you to do Lisa!

    1. Thanks! I remember my girls at that age and thought about what they would have liked. This kind of card is something that would have been carried around and wore out.

  3. Not sure how I missed your card, Lisa, but it is such an adorable one. How sweet you are to send to this child with leukemia. She and the family will be thrilled to receive this precious lamb.

  4. I’m sure this little girl will love the card as will her parents. How sad that she is sick. Love how this card worked so well for you. It is great, and an idea to create texture is something I saw in a book a few years ago. I tried it and it works … what you do it take tissue paper and tear it into very small pieces which you then crumple into a ball. Glue them to the body of the sheep and it looks as if they have a curly wooly coat. It is a bit time consuming but not tedious or hard to do.

    1. Thanks Johanna! I like your texture idea, which is perfect for hand delivering, but would get a bit flat in mailing. I will keep it in mind for future cards.

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