To Edge’ables or not!

This past summer, I purchased a Crafter’s Companion bundle of double cut Edge’ables and I put them aside to attempt to figure out how to use them until yesterday. So the first issue I have is that I do not have a Gemini die cutting machine but rather use my Big Shot which has a smaller cutting plate than I believe the Gemini does. With that said I think these dies were made for not only their machine using special plates and for larger card sizes especially since these are double cut dies that will cut the image on one side of the die on the edge of your card to create the edgeable design and then you can use another color cardstock on the other side of the die and it will cut out both sides of the die with one pass. Well that’s pretty neat but until I figure out a suitable sandwich for my Big Shot I’ll will be using old cutting plates to cut the die twice. Sorry for babbling…hope you can figure out what I meant:) OK after saying all of that, I can use opinions on the top card which is a regular A2 size and the one below which was trimmed to a slightly smaller A2 size to match the die ends.

So this particular die cuts the edge, the single tree and an outline for the edge. Pretty cool. Which one would you prefer: the regular A2 size or the shortened version to match the die size?

My next dilemma is where do I put my inside sentiment or message?

As you can see not a lot of room to write a personal message or include a stamped one. I would add a sentiment to the front and maybe use plain not patterned paper. So I am looking forward for all your advice and opinions.

Hugs from a snowy preview of what’s to come later this week in Pennsylvania.

11 thoughts on “To Edge’ables or not!

  1. These are neat! Any card that is like this where I can’t really write on the front, I have attached a piece of paper to the back and wrote there. Some of my flip-it cards I have been able to add another panel inside and can write there when opened. Stephanie Bernard calls this a secret panel. I am not sure that would be a possibility in this case.

  2. The two layered die cut is a very cool concept, and both your cards look great.

    On cards like this where the card front does not cover the entire inside panel, I usually add a panel to the inside of the card that is sized, shaped, and positioned to be hidden when the card is closed. In this case, I’d probably cut another tree, center it, and stamp and/or write on that. (The die cut helps me see where it is “safe” to write and also gives me a clean spot when using patterned paper on the inside panel.) When that is not possible, I use the back of the card for my message.

  3. I like both of your cards. I’d probably be more like Lisa, but maybe trace the patterned paper and just put it on the edges where it shows, then you know where to write and you still have the look of the patterned paper. I like lots of room to write, though. Or, you could do it like you did and put a small sentiment on the tree inside, and mount the whole thing on a base card, so the back of your fun card to another base card, then you have lots of room to write. Guess it just depends on how much room you want.

  4. I like both cards. I just can’t decide which one I prefer. Sorry I have no additional advice about placing the sentiment.

  5. I like both cards too. I can see your dilemma in cutting and you are right the Gemini is set up slightly differently to a Big Shot and can use larger paper size. When it comes to adding a place to write – I either do what you did and create a place that is hidden or add it to the back of the card.

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