Birthday Cards continued

Recently I shared several birthday cards created to find the perfect one for the younger daughter’s birthday. Now, I will share two cards in the quest for the older daughter’s birthday.

Cake slice Birthday

I created the one above in blues as that has been a favorite color of hers for several years. However, it didn’t really make me happy as the best choice.

I tried a card in several colors that I posted and it is a nice birthday card, but once again, was not a good fit for this daughter.


This card was the winner! She is currently loving purple. This card is a bit more sophisticated, I think, with the purple flowers cascading over the cake. I borrowed the embossing folder from DD2 for this card, as it was perfect. Funny, how my husband thinks I own everything and sometimes I do not own the item I really need to kick a card up a notch. The flowers have a lot of sparkle from the Spectrum Noir Clear Sparkle pen and the glitter pen. She liked her card. She just turned 26 and I think it is a perfect card for a young lady.

14 thoughts on “Birthday Cards continued

  1. Your first card is really pretty, and I love the spotlighted slice. I checked out the card you posted last year, and that was also quite pretty. But I LOVE the purple one with the beautifully colored cake on the gorgeous, stitched panel and embossed background Perfect for a 26 year old woman! I’m glad she liked it. And I have the same issue – a room full of tools and supplies but often not the one I need/want for a particular project – lol!

    1. I like the spotted slice and I will send it to someone. I enjoyed coloring the purple flowers, and was so pleased it looked really nice. Thanks!

  2. Awesome cards, Lisa, and totally agree that the purple card is my favorite. I do really like the spotlighted slice of cake on the first card. Glad you were able to borrow the embossing folder as I like that added texture….I should pull my ef out more often. Happy Birthday to your daughter.

    1. Thanks! You would think I had one that I liked, but not so much. She found this one on the clearance rack and loved it. Glad it is just down the hall.

  3. Lisa, both cards are so very pretty but the purple one is my favorite also. Of course she liked it, how could she not??

  4. Lisa, these are both great, but that purple one is definitely a stand out! Isn’t it funny, how we know just what will work, but then don’t have it, at times. So great that you could borrow what you needed. I have a friend that I can borrow things from, though we haven’t been able to get together in many months. That is a beautiful shade of purple, as well.

    1. Thanks! I think a friend to stamp and borrow from would be wonderful. Glad my daughter is in the house when something catches her eye that I need to use.

  5. Well of course the purple one is my pick as that is one of my most favourite colours. I agree with you and the others it is a perfect choice for a 26 year old. That said, I really like the blue one and how you spotlighted the cake slice. I find it quite striking.

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