Halloween 2019

So yesterday I eagerly awaited my delivery from SimonSaysStamps with the Halloween STAMPtember kit purchase plus another goodie.  Imagine my surprise when my order came in a box.  Immediately my brain went into overdrive thinking that this included a Golden Bone from SSS for their STAMPtember release giveaway promotion.  Wow….a year’s worth of some free SSS release goodies….so I carefully opened the box and to my surprise….NO Golden Bone.  Oh well, it could have been me and one day we’ll win the lottery too.

Not to be discouraged I created this card which is kind of super cute and will probably be for my granddaughter Brooke.  Adding a little bit of sparkle mesh over the witchy skirt and a sentiment on top to me completed the legs only image 🙂  I’ve been using the Wild Orchid cardstock from GKD which was an in-color a few years ago for most of this year’s cards.  Since I’m down to my last two pieces of cardstock, I’m happy that I am almost finished with my Halloween 2019 cards.

Thanks for looking.


10 thoughts on “Halloween 2019

  1. This is just great and amusing. Too bad about the bone, sigh. I’ve never seen sparkle mesh – where did you get it?

    1. Thanks, Johanna, it was a fun night. The sparkle web mesh I picked up at my local Dollar Store. Seasonal things are so hit and miss but I guess I was early enough to find some goodies.

    1. Thanks, Golda, I wasn’t quite sold on the legs only image and was hoping that the mesh for the skirt as well as the sentiment would create a different focal point.

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