Day 10 Homework

Holiday Card Workshop 2022 – Interactive Cards

Jennifer McGuire’s lesson on day 10 was to create an interactive Santa shaker card with a twist. Using a piece of recycled stamp bag and by not cutting off the opening but rather the bottom portion to enclose your cardstock you can add a gift card that the recipient can easily or very easily remove without destroying the card. The tip is to adhere the shaker panel to the card base except you adhere the flap to the inside of the card base. The flap has enough sticky on it to be able to open from the inside and fish out your gift card. I was lucky enough to find a stamp set not yet removed from the packaging and was very close to A2 size. The hardest part was removing the store label (Michaels) from the outside of the packaging. My Santa is ephemera from Michael’s, HO HO is Spellbinder’s and my background was one not used from a previous class.

The alternate class by Channin Pelletier was a pull tab present card. I’ll put it on my to do list but definitely must hop to my Christmas cards.

I enjoyed my Holiday Card Workshop. Our grandson’s baptism was beautiful and we had a great time with our family and our son’s friends. Thanks for stopping in for a peek. I appreciate you and your time. Take care and stay safe.

P.S. We prepped for winter — shrubs and flowers all cut back, patio furniture stored away in shed, snow shovels and snowblower in place. Only thing left to do is to paint the zoysia grass. LOL.

14 thoughts on “Day 10 Homework

    1. Thanks, Lisa, it was a twist on the normal. I need to remember to remove the gift card. It’s expired! LOL!!

    1. Thanks, Judy, I was thinking the same thing too about Channin’s. I may have to rewatch her video again and try to take notes.

  1. Great take on an upcycle. Fun shaker. I like your comment on the gift card. I have many expired cards laying around for this kind of purpose or reinking an ink pad.

  2. I love that you paint your grass! Your card is fun and that you did just what was taught is fun to see. And, you just gave me an idea. Not one I have time to do, but at some point I may remember and try it. See, you are inspiring!!! Thank you. I really enjoyed watching you work your way through the class. You made a lot of wonderful cards.

  3. This is a fun card and having it as a shaker and gift card is wonderful. I’m still chuckling at the painting of the grass. That really is funny.

    1. Thanks, Johanna, the zoysia grass makes Will crazy when it turns strawlike. He even found a video online about a company that paints grass. At least we have a system.

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