Bonus Day Homework

Holiday Card Workshop 2022 – Saturday Bonus Day — Using Leftover diecuts!

Kristina Werner’s bonus class this morning instructed us on how to use leftover diecuts. Day 1 was all about plaids and I had cut down a portion of my plaid to die cut a tree to be used on that card. However, that was pretty much a fail but I held onto the piece of plaid with the tree die cut out of it and opted to use it for my shaker tag. I die cut my panel in the plaid and a scrap piece of red card stock, added a shiny die cut star from scraps on my work area to complete this tag. So far no sequins have escaped.

Thanks for stopping in for a peek. I appreciate you and your time. Take care, stay safe. Let’s Go Phillies!!!

12 thoughts on “Bonus Day Homework

  1. This could be the end of the World Series, very exciting. Interesting how all your pieces came together for such a cohesive look that does not say we were scrapes.

    1. Hoping for a Game 7 on Sunday. The underdog Philliies may just have two more wins in them. Thanks for commenting on my scrap tag.

  2. A shaker tag and it looks great. You used up scraps and got some fantastic results with the classes.

    1. Thanks, Johanna, it was luck that I had that extra piece and could make it into a tag. I’m not a tag and not a shaker person normally!!

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