Sparkly snowflake

Sometimes creating the card is the big challenge. I love the Sparkling Mandala from Spellbinders, but every little hole needs to be poked out. Using DMC metallic thread presents another challenge – it really splits, but the end result is lovely. Then getting the background – oh there was the real challenge. My DH got me lots of stamping goodies for my birthday. One I thing picked up was a roll of Spellbinders Speckled Prism foil to use with the Glimmer machine he got me for Christmas. I went to foil a piece of CS with the Pinkfresh Studios Hot Foil Plate and ended up foiling my shim. After much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, I got it cleaned off (mostly) with the help of UnDu. After I got the sandwich right and got the CS foiled, I die cut it using the Snowflake Cover Plate by GKD. Every single cotton pickin’ hole had to be punched out. Some places on either end didn’t get enough pressure and wouldn’t punch out at all. I very carefully lined up the die and was actually able to get enough pressure to finish punching out the hanging chad. I cut a piece of Hero Arts White Glitter CS use for the backing behind the Snowflake Cover Plate, then added the Stitched Snowflake/Mandala. This really does have a lot of sparkle and shine in real life. I’m entering this in the Color Hues Silver and White Challenge. I also decided it would work for the Just Us Girls Photo Week Challenge. The snowcouple holding hands with the heart above them in the inspirational photo look like newlyweds who had just found out they were expecting and put Frosty’s ultrasound on this card to announce the happy occasion.

20 thoughts on “Sparkly snowflake

  1. All that work was worth it – this is GORGEOUS! So much sparkle!! Love the “ultrasound pic” in the center!! (Weeding is the worst part of die cutting!!)

    I have quite a few foiling plates that have been foiled (having put the foil upside down; I even made labels that say “shiny side down” to put on my platform!), and my shim is also a bit sparkly in spots! I’ll have to try undu as my sand eraser removed most but not all. Like you, I was horrified when it first happened, but it’s happened so many times now that I just go with it. Everything still seems to work fine; the misplaced foil does not seem to transfer onto my projects. And my foiled plates are beautiful!! 😉

  2. Thanks Lisa. I’m having a lot of fun with the Glimmer machine, but there’s definitely a learning curve. I’m anxious to get more plates. My local stamp store is going to have a class soon and will have more plates available. Can’t wait.

  3. Yes, quite the learning curve in the foiling. I have foiled a few plates also. Beautiful card! So fun to create the snowflake ultrasound. I purchased some glimmer plates from Amazon as thy sometimes have great prices. Hobby Lobby also has great prices, especially if they begin to clearance them. Keep having fun!

  4. Thanks Lisa. I did find one at Hobby Lobby at half price that was on my wish list. I’ll check Amazon too.

      1. Thanks Diana. There were several times during the process that I thought of just tossing it because I’m usually not that patient, but my persistence paid off.

  5. Look how stunning and sparkly this card is! Each layer has its own sparkle! Way to persevere through and not throw in the towel. Thanks for playing along at Color Hues and Just Us Girls!

  6. Happy Birthday Judy! And what a fabulous card. Gorgeous sparkle and all of those details. Have fun with your Glimmer machine. Love your take on the Just Us Girls inspiration photo.

  7. Thanks Gayle. Unfortunately the thumbnail doesn’t show up on the JUGS blog for whatever reason so my story about Frosty’s sonogram is lost

  8. All the effort and gnashing of teeth was definitely worth it! The sparkle shines right through in the photograph, and I’m sure is even more wonderful in real life! Thanks for joining us at Color Hues!

  9. I’m sorry there was such a learning curve with the Glimmer machine, Judy, but the results are amazing and your card is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us at Just Us Girls.

    1. Thanks Bobby. I’m concerned that I don’t seem to be add a proper thumbnail to the blog, I wish I could get it figured out, but at least the DT members are able to view my card.

  10. Judy, this card is gorgeous, and I can definitely see all the sparkle. I’m sorry for all the extra work you had to go to for this, but the end result is worth it. Hopefully you can figure out a way to make the die work better for you. If you figure it out, please share, as I was given that die, but haven’t used it, yet.

    1. Thanks Golda. I will definitely share if I discover a better way to cut it. It does stitch beautifully and there are many ways to stitch it. I also have several other stitch dies that I haven’t tried cutting yet.

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