Spring Sports

Spring Soccer


Spring sports are coming to a close so I decided to make some cards for the grandkids celebrating the end of their seasons. I’m beginning with Chase and soccer. First he was the substitute goalie but now he’s the starting goalie. This is definitely a nail biting position. Brooke has decided to give lacrosse a go. Oh my an 8 year old with a stick in the air. She did really well and since this is more of a learning age they are required to pass three times before trying for a goal. Sports stamps are hard to come by so I bought some scrapbook layout embellishments.

Next up will be Softball for Brooke and Lacrosse for Chase….yes he decided he wanted to try lacrosse too much to his mother’s dismay because boys lacrosse can be pretty rough. The final group of cards will be baseball for Chase and soccer for Brooke. I think mom and dad are exhausted from all of the games and practices but I believe the kids are all having fun and contribute a lot to the teams.

Thanks for stopping in for a peek.

12 thoughts on “Spring Sports

  1. Cute cards. All the games and practices do sound exhausting, but if the kids are having fun and learning some teamwork, that’s the main thing. Check out Divinity Designs – the used to have some sports related stamps.

  2. Great job finding the sports equipment for those hard-to-find items. Glad they are learning and enjoying themselves. Not too long ago, The Stamps of Life had new sports stamps and dies.

    1. Thanks, Lisa, I’ll look at The Stamps of life for sports stamps and dies. The grands are only 8 and 10 so I’ll have many more seasons I’m sure.

  3. So cool to get the look you wanted and the kids will love these. Nothing better than personalized. Kids might like the stickers better than stamps anyway.

    1. Thanks, Bonnie, they probably will like the dimensional stickers better than flat stamps.

  4. Great idea to use scrapbook embellishments. These look awesome! Good luck to your grandkids with all the sporting activities they are involved in!!

    1. Thanks, Lisa, their parents keep the kids busy. At least I can get a couple of cards from each of the embellishment sheets.

  5. Great cards. Your grandkids will love getting personalized cards, especially from grandma. Great idea to use scrapbook embellishments.

  6. Yikes, I can’t imagine all those sports for both kids! Your cards are wonderful and definitely show the sports. Your soccer net is so cool. What a great way to show he’s a goalie.

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