Progressive Cardmaking Class 2 Day 3

Day 3 was about embossing. I made a beginner embossed card.

For the beginner card, I used the SU Ornate Floral embossing folder and a die from The Stamps of Life. In the class, Justine embossed first, then die cut on top of her embossing. This did not work for me as my embossing went completely flat when I die cut after embossing. I tried again and die cut first, then embossed. I added the piece to a white card base and called it good.

I did try both the intermediate and advanced lesson. The intermediate is partially completed, as it was inking the embossing folder. I inked both sides and haven’t done anything with the pieces. The advanced one went to the trash. She used Perfect Pearls in the class to enhance the embossing. I couldn’t find my Perfect Pearls, so improvised with something else and it didn’t work well. There are always new ideas to try.

14 thoughts on “Progressive Cardmaking Class 2 Day 3

    1. Thanks Gerry! I knew it never works without die cutting first, but wondered if she knew something that I didn’t know. I use a Big Shot and she is using a Spellbinders. Might be worth a try with my daughter’s machine. But my way works, so why change.

  1. That’s a great embossing folder and I would think that embossing then die cutting would flatten your emboss. I had to chuckle about your one piece going into the trash….who knows you may pull it out and try to do something with it too. Have fun.

    1. Thanks! She used the Perfect Pearls over embossing ink, which is what you do. My ink did not stay on the surface of the embossed piece, but sank into the crevices. It was a total mess! I may try again, but I think using the Versamark pad on the embossed surface doesn’t work. It does work well when added to the folder before embossing, for me anyway. I think shimmer paint is easier to control than powder and can give a similar effect.

  2. It’s so fun to hear your experience with the class. This looks wonderful with the embossing after. I can’t imagine how she could actually cut through the paper and keep the embossing sharp. It’s really pretty with the white behind it, too. I’m hoping you did something with your inked embossing folder pieces, as I’m looking forward to seeing them.

    1. Thanks! Those pieces are still sitting there. I think I had an idea, but hadn’t gotten back to it. Hopefully I will get to it soon.

  3. You seem to be having a lot of fun playing with other ideas and this card is great. I’ve never had much success embossing and then die cutting as the pressure of my machine flattens everything.

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