Snowy People

The Card Concept: #HOL20

The final challenge of 2020 at The Card Concept is to share a photo of your Christmas Tree, favorite decorations or favorite card. Choosing my favorite Christmas card would be very difficult because if I can admit I really liked all of the cards this season. My Christmas tree is a tiny 3′ tree that was my mom’s and displays a lot of my kids and grandkids homemade ornaments. Special to me but nothing spectacular. Since I’m in snow mode, I decided to share my little display of Snow People. The years that we get too much snow these guys are put away early. We will see about this winter. This was today!

Thanks for the fun challenges at The Card Concept. Merry Christmas!

10 thoughts on “Snowy People

  1. Cute collection of snow people! I love snowmen and snow decorations – when they are inside! Looks like you got a lot of snow yesterday. We ended up with a lot of rain/sleet mixed with the snow so it was not super deep but it was pretty heavy, and anyone who waited until today to clean it all up had to deal with a lot of ice along with the snow. Thankfully, we were able to clean up the bulk of the mess last night before it froze over. I’m already thinking we got “too much” snow this year – lol!

  2. Thanks for sharing your collection. I love snow people as they are so fun. I do not miss your snow, though. So far, none for us, but it is cold most days. Today we are supposed to hit 50 degrees! That will feel quite warm.

  3. Your snow people look great Gayle – but honestly you can keep the snow all for yourself. It is nothing but rain here and as dreary as it is, I’d rather deal with the wet than the slippery conditions snow brings. As we are packing for the move next year, we didn’t do any decorations or lights this season. I kind of miss it, but its a lot of work to get it all set up and doesn’t make sense for us to add work to what is already going to be challenging.

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