Baby Sofie

Welcome to the world little Baby Sofie! My girlfriend was blessed with another grandchild and this little one gave everyone quite a scare. With a collapsed lung and air filling her chest she was rushed to a larger nearby hospital with a NICU unit. Thankfully the doctors and respiratory therapists took wonderful care of Sofie and she came home from the hospital in two days. Everyone is doing extremely well. The top card is for the grandparents and while I liked the concept of the open window it took a little while for me to figure out the how to after almost sealing the card shut:) Middle card is for the moms and thought it was such a cute image. And the bottom is for big sister who is 9 years old and was adopted from birth. Happy day for this family.

8 thoughts on “Baby Sofie

  1. All lovely cards! So thrilled to hear the little girl was released in 2 days thriving, growing, and breathing well. That had to be so scary. We lived through this with my niece and her heart and the release was not in a few days, but weeks with treks to the city and a larger hospital. Glad for this family.

  2. So cute! So glad Sophie is doing well! I’m in the process of making 2 shower cards and decided at the same time to make welcome baby girl cards. Will try to post later!

  3. What sweeet cards. What a blessing the baby was able to come home so quickly. Love the big sister card and how special for her to have her very own card.

  4. All 3 cards are adorable. I really like the big sister one. What a scary thing for the family to go through, so glad little Sofie is doing o.k.

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