Making Valentine Cards for Troops

My project of valentine cards for the Making Cards for Troops group is completed. Normally I design, prep the cards and my girlfriends gather at my home to color, sponge and assemble but that didn’t happen. Coronavirus numbers are increasing in our county. We all have our bubble that we are comfortable in but some friends’ bubbles are a little bigger than others. Will is scheduled for knee replacement surgery the middle of this month and I didn’t feel comfortable having 6 friends although masked and six feet apart at tables in our home. Finished 92 cards and can I tell you that I really love every one of them. Five of each design with the exception of one group that has four and three individual designs. My Halloween cards suffered but am on track to start some Thanksgiving cards before beginning Christmas.

10 thoughts on “Making Valentine Cards for Troops

  1. Gayle these are fantastic! I’m impressed that you did so many. It’s always a plus when you get to enjoy making them. And, much better to stay safe, especially before your husband’s surgery.

  2. Wow! You have certainly been busy and the results are spectacular. Keeping your distance and ensuring safety for both yourself and hubby is very wise. Numbers are increasing again here too and they are shutting some things down for 2 weeks.

    1. Thanks, Johanna, and yes we are hunkering down again. It wasn’t as much fun making all of those cards myself but the hardest part was the prep.

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