Cards for Troops

Another batch of Cards for Troops completed and mailed today. I prepped 16 different cards styles and yesterday my girlfriends gathered at our home to assemble. This time they not only colored some images but actually ink blended some backgrounds. We had a wonderful socially distanced mask wearing day all for a good cause. I also included cards I made for various challenges and were not mailed making our total 102 all occasion cards. I’m going to begin prepping Valentine cards for a November card party.

Will my Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas cards get completed?? Hmmm!!!!

8 thoughts on “Cards for Troops

  1. What a wonderful great cause project for you and your friends. Somehow I think your Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas cards will get completed.

  2. Wow – you have been busy and it is great that your friends participate along with you. Found out this week that the card group I normally donate to is not doing it this year due to Covid. A bit disappointing but as most cards go to care facilities I can understand the reasoning.

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