Foiled Happy Birthday

I created a Slimline card today and played with my Spellbinders Hot Foil machine.

Slimline Happy Birthday

I created this card for the Misti challenge at Split Coast Stampers. I started with the die in the Hot Foil machine. It has a learning curve and I am still learning. My die is quite shiny as I kept placing my foil wrong side down, even with the manual and having watched videos. I also learned that I need to use thicker paper as it works better. After the foiling looked good, I proceeded to stamp the idea that I found with Jen Cards and her slimline series. I used the Wild Blossoms set by Gina K Designs. I used a block to stamp the vine as I struggled with the Misti when trying to extend the vine and get it to match. The block worked fine, so I then stamped blossoms all over the vine. I am happy with the finished card. There will be more foiled images soon as I am planning to continue to create.

9 thoughts on “Foiled Happy Birthday

  1. So pretty, Lisa. Yana Smakula has a lot of videos on the Spellbinders Hot Foil machine. I believe she has designed some foil dies for them too. I have never had the best of luck with foil and laminators so I hope this works better.
    Have fun with your new addition. I keep telling myself “no”.

    1. Yes, I watch Yana and rewatch Yana, trying to get my foiling better. She does everything! I am quite the novice. Thanks!

  2. Lisa, this is a great card! There may be a learning curve to the foiling, but you’re doing a great job, so it will be fun to see what you do when you’ve really gotten it down. The vines with the flowers is beautiful.

    1. Thanks! I am planning to continue to keep foiling so it will become easier. It is fun when it works well.

  3. Such a pretty card. I know what you mean about the foiling. I am trying to learn how to use my birthday gift and struggling a bit too. I do like how you created this one here. It works beautifully for a slimline card.

    1. Thank you! What was your birthday gift?–if it is the Glimmer Hot Foil System, there are many great videos that are helpful.

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