Halloween Box Card

My daughter, H, designed, stamped, die cut and anything else in the making of this card. I am sharing it for the joy it brought to my eyes to see her work. Enjoy!

Box card closed
Box Card opened
Pop-ups displaying

The story behind this: My DH always has creative ideas. He saw a box card I made a few years ago, sitting in our dining room, and said I should make a card with a witch that would pop-up if you pulled a string. I do not have the patience for this, but my daughter gave it a try. She has the witch and ghost on a string, in photo two,they are hiding. The recipient pulls the hearts and those to elements pop up. This is a fun card. Hopefully she will make more.

10 thoughts on “Halloween Box Card

  1. Oh what a delight.She is very creative and talented to take an idea and make it work. It does pull on your heart strings to see this card in action.

  2. Awesome, fun surprise card. Your daughter did an amazing job making this card. Love the details and she must take after her mom. Hugs to “H”.

    1. She began stamping with me when she was 4. I bought her washable inks and she just passed these on to her cousins. She has her own supplies and is having a great time with them. It is fun to see her creativity.

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