Miss Soccer

A card for our Brooke to celebrate the end of her soccer season uses, GKD’s Emmy & Riley stamp set by Beth Silaika.  Cute flamingo images with a different card fold.  I always feel that I need to include opening instructions on cards like this but I think our granddaughter figured it out.  The only problem was that it didn’t stand up.

5 thoughts on “Miss Soccer

  1. This is adorable! It’s always fun to let people try and figure these different ones out for themselves, then letting them know what to do if they can’t figure it out. I always save the possibly confusing ones to be delivered in person.

  2. All your summer cards are great and kids love colourful images and working things out for themselves. Like Golda I always try to deliver the possibly confusing ones in person or I add a note so that they know what to do. Harder with kids but they are cleverer than we think.

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