Old Bird-Day

Outside and inside cards for my son in law’s birthday.   Amazing at just how old these kids are getting.  I came across this old set (possibly an Inkadinkadoo) and thought it would be fun to use.

7 thoughts on “Old Bird-Day

  1. Okay – how did you get 2 photos side by side? I tried earlier without success. Got to know how you did it please, please. This is such a fun card both in and out. Love it all.

    1. HI Johanna, When I imported my pictures, I checked both at the same time and hit the insert and they appeared side by side. I wasn’t able to resize them but maybe that wasn’t necessary. Sometimes the insides are better than the outside card…..it’s a little extra surprise for the recipient.

      1. oh thanks, I will try that in future as I agree, showing the inside is often a good idea.

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