Getting Started!

Just trying to get started on this Blog! Hope I’m doing it correctly.

This is a card we made with our card group. Have no ideas what type of anything is used on it, but most came from the dollar store! I take kits made with Gina K products, the other gal makes kits with the cheapest supplies she can find. I give these to my niece to use in the diaper bank she runs in Illinois.

I love the gals in this group and they love my card kits so as they say they “glue” cards, not make them. We have a lot of fun!

9 thoughts on “Getting Started!

  1. You did great. I did reduce the size a bit so it would fit on most screens but you got the rest. I love all your detail and especially the colors. Wait till Johanna sees this.

  2. What a gorgeous Easter card. The flowers are wonderful. I love how you did the cross over the screen oval.

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